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Can I share torrents list with other users on my PC?


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Hi, All!

I've just started to use uTorrent and cannot get one thing.

I have two user logins on my PC (for me and my wife). But we'd like to have one common list of currently downloading torrents. In many other clients torrents list is system-wide, but in uTorrent it's different for every user.

I've tried to play with Settings "Folder to store torrrents" and "auto load torrents from folder" but couldn't make it work.

Here is what I want:

User "wife" adds a torrent "torrent1" to uTorrent, and then logs out.

User "Me" logs in and starts uTorrent. Torrent "torrent1" starts to download.

User "Me" adds "torrent2" and logs out.

User "Wife" logs in and starts uTorrent. Torrents "torrent1" and "torrent2" start to download.

I think, you've got the point.

Is it possible?

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