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memory leak


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I tried it again this morning, queued up 12 torrents, 6 of them started to DL and the memory allocation sky rocked ...

But mem usage actually peaked at 156 MB now, then it declined as soon as some of the torrents finished.

it stalled at 80MB and the when more torrents started to dl after the first few was finnished mem usage sky rocked again

this time to over 300MB ...

Something is really wrong with utorrent and its usage of files/filecache.

utorrent if fine as long as you dl one or two torrents .... max! So I tried to limit the max simultanious DLs to 2 torrents

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Server OS's have LargeFileCache enabled by default. It can cause memory use skyrocket. It can be disabled from going to properties of any adapter in Network and Dialup Connections and choosing Minimize memory used in File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks properties.

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