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Certain parts not downloading, percentage jumping up and down 99.5-9%


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Hi just had an issue with last 3 torrents ive downloaded, 2 just seemed like they would never finish. They get to 99.9 percent then go back to 99.4 percent and then it does it all over again, each time before it drops the logs says...


then sometimes it bans an IP?

I've rechecked em but they still keep doing it, now my issue isnt because they arent finishing cause 1 of em has finished but it seems that im redownloading pieces over and over again in the peice tab.

Anybody know whats goin on before i change to Azureus? :P

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think ive figured it out now, my router might be faulty as its automatically defaulting settings like port forwards/range and a bunch of other settings to factory settings without my permission... nice

hopefully a firmware upgrade fixes it... *update* lol no firmware update for my linksys router, last time i buy a cisco product

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