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Memory Hog!


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This problem is confusing me... I've set uTorrent to use 16mb for the download cache and the program itself tpyically uses 8mb memory when running... but...

When my download speed goes up to 190-210kps, uTorrent hogs all of my available memory (up to 140mb) until the download is either complete or the download speed goes back down...

Why is this ??? and can I fix it from happening again ???

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Yep, I've checked the imcompatibility list and so far it's all good... here's what I use alongside uTorrent:

Comodo Firewall

Avast! Anti-Virus

Ram IdLe

bbLean (shell replacement)

and even before when I used Windows Explorer and Sygate Firewall I still had the same memory probs...

Under Disk Cache I have everything checked apart from "Enable caching of disk reads" and memory cach size is 16mb...

any ideas ???

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I don't actually have a pagefile... My WinXP uses only physical memory and has the pagefile disabled... This speeds up my system considerably and has been working perfectly for quite some time... Ram IdLe is just a memory meter to show me what's free and to clear up on occasion...

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