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I FOUND IT.....but I still need help!!


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Sorry I know I'm supposed to be done with my problem :P but I notced something wierd when I downloaded another torrent client (NO NAMES)>>>just for testing<<<

I started downloading an active torrent with a lot of seeds like (400s-200p) and I just got (1s-54p)

and most of them had paused mark next to them... :/

so I figured out that there's something BLOCKING my seeds & peers so how can I open the way for them??

I heared about (plugins) do I need that & does't help?? if yes what plugin do I need and how can I install it?

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Do you have protocol encryption properly configured ?

Aside from that - it is the tracker which is responsible for giving us the total number of seeds and peers. Unfortunatelly, there is lots of trackers out there which don't care about it. And many seeds and peers who are not connected to tracker but still in swarm (using PEX or DHT only). And many fake seeds which are being counted by tracker but they never ever connect to anyone...

In other words - don't bother with these numbers. They are more likely false than correct.

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