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effin annoyed with uT & trackers


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Sorry but this is my first uT use and IM having no end of problems, well IM not, nothing wrong, the problem is all these uT & Trackers WHO insist on using port 80 to transfer files or as the port to connect to.........

Why am I annoyed? because it stops me from browsing the internet and going about my business I have to edit out all the Trackers thatuse port 80 BUT cant do anything to stop use of port 80 by your client.

its fucking annoying and IM not apologising for swearing nor do I give a monkey P about if it ruffles your feathers because it a totla lack of forethought to other usiong the client, I serve up via a web browser and IF I Use uT it stops all visitor and also stops my ability to use the internet browser.

When people like yourselves deside to build a p2p client, atleast THINK.

Move all port 80 to 8080, every one knows that is the standard methid when port 80 is already in use and you need a second server on the same network, so why cant uT do likewise????????

I have tried denying port 80 to uT in the router and firewall but that only loses my ability to browse, so IM stuck, your retarded client is retarding me.

So IM stuck, I could go back to BT but that is like slower than eMule, I could use eMule but the problem is allot of files now are in german, dutch and italian, use Shareaza!!!! Not bloody likely, I just have told them about the "BUG" fix that wipes the downloads and temprary downloads and also turns off your internet connection, s soon as I stoped using aza the problem stopped... NOW IM HERE and I find ANOTHER PROBLEM with a p2p client.

So I will say this once, dont boter replying to defend the uT client, change it, IM now off to find something else thats not going to interfere with my web connection, atleast eM and sA and kA never posed an internet browsing problem before, so why does uT users insist on port 80?? ISP know that the data is nothing to do with http, the protocol tags in the servers as they read the data packets traveling through their network will tell them what sort of data your getting... so why bother with cloak and dagger tactics, your not fooling anyone.


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1> You can't control what's being used at the other end of the connection, since it's not on your computer.

2> WE can't control what's being used at the other end.

3> uTorrent does NOT use port 80 for listening by default.

4> Changing one client won't change all the others.

5> http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992

so why does uT users insist on port 80??

It's not uT deciding this, it's stuff outside of uT.

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