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Utorrent deleting files?


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Im having a huge problem.

My utorrent crashed and for some reason some settings file got coruppted or someting so utrorrent said it had to replace it.

And after that almost all my torrents (54 pi.) in utorrent where gone, only three where left.

I thought well thats no big deal I can just add them again because I always save my .torrent files to a folder. So I start adding stuff and for movies and other things who are small and not that many files it doesn't check the hash it just starts seeding.

BUT when it comes to some big things that i have downloaded it first says that it is 100% then when i start it, it starts to check the hash and when it's done it says that I only have downloaded 1-5%.

I DONT get this it's like utorrent deleted the files because im 100% sure that I have not deleted them. I just added them in utorrent.

And the drive is just as full as it was before so the 70+ gigs is just gone according to utorrent but still on the drive somewhere.

Also when I look in the folder the files aren't there, just like they had been deleted.

Help much appriciated.

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Yes I have and there is noting wrong.

A little additional information:

Im runnig windows vista rtm fully updated. My files are on a linux server on the network. And just before i got the error I did a system restore but then I redid it. But system restore shouldn't toutch my files especially as they are not even on my computer so I strongly doubt that's the problem.

To bad I can't remember the error I got but there was something about some file it couldn't restore. Is there some log file or someting you could look at?

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