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Intriguing speed issue...


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ISP: novis.pt (24Mb D / 640 Kb U)

Max half_open: 80

Router: D-link DI-624 (uTorrent has shows green light on, port fowarded)

distance to isp hub: 500~700m

utorrent settings:


my system, and it includes utorrent, obviously (or else I would'nt be here) never goes high when it comes to speed...

My average on utorrent is a depressing 100KB... it is depressing cuz I'm on the fastest ISP in my country, near the ISP hub, but I don't get high-speed transfers!... as far as I now, my isp doesn't block connections, or any o'that stuff... but where are the 3000 KB I should be enjoying? I know it rarelly reaches the level the isp announces, but heck... speedtesting from here to NY (which I believe, in terms of connection, is almost a neighbour to me... cuz my isp connects to a fiber-optic backbone in france, wich has connections through the atlantic, all the way to the states, supposedly allowing me to connect to the NY test server almost entirely through fiber-optics...) results in values such as 312 KB D / 50 KB U... and that's it! that's also the higher value I ever scored on a torrent...

Only the slackware torrent get's me going faster... around 500 KB max D speed...

I don't think it is a tracker issue, since in the past few months I've been downloading from lots of diferent ones...

it could also be a torrent problem, but I've been downloading lots of stuff latelly, so it would be expected for me to get fast D on at least one... but nope... slackware is the fastest torrent I've ever downloaded...

What do u guys think I could do to improve this?

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Dunno what to say... if even the speed test shows junk speeds, I wouldn't expect that your ISP is actually providing you with the advertised speeds... While testing, did you make sure you weren't using any other internet-related application besides your browser? (That means µTorrent needs to have been exited)

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I did... no change...

The ISP told me about my connection being in fine conditions, and that the max it could reach was 1.8MBs, maybe 2... I checked by doing simultaneous ftp downloads and it's true... now the issue is the slow speed IN uTorrent... I don't understand why on earth am I unable to connect to more peers at once, to achieve higher speeds! I mean... sometimes there's like... 1000 peers and I'm only connected to 10!

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