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How do I view my Torrent file?


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It says my Windows Media Player doesnt have the right plugin, and I cant download Realplayer, cause, the website is being stupid.

I dont know where else im supposed to turn! This is my first ever torrent download, and im confused xD

I looked over the FAQ and everything, I couldnt find anything to help me.

Is there a special program to use? If not- what kind of "plugin" do I need for WMP?

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heh, lets get started here.

First of all, that torrent file is very small. It can't possibly have a movie in it, a torrent file is pretty much instructions for utorrent (or any other client) to download.

Open utorrent, and use the Add button, and browse to the torrent file, open it. It will now ask where you want to save the file, choose somewhere. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Remember where you are saving this movie file.

Now let utorrent download the file for you, it will probably take a bit to speed up, the more seeders and peers it has, the faster it will download. When it is finished, go to the folder you chose to save it and you can start watching.

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