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Too many Connection after close it


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This isn't something that you can do anything about -- perhaps disabling DHT might curb it some, but overall, there's no way to stop it completely, as you can't control how often incoming connections come at you. Why does it happen? Because other people have your IP address when you announce on DHT, or when the tracker gives other people your IP on the peer list. As long as you're in their peer list, they will try to connect to your computer -- you can't remove yourself from their list, it's up to their client to do so.

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Smaller torrents, with fewer than 50 seeds+peers, probably wouldn't cause this problem if you're only running 1 or 2 at once.

Disabling DHT sounds like a MUST with your problems...you will also need to unforward UDP packets on your router (if you have a router!) to reduce the UDP traffic.

Your other µTorrent settings may be a bit much for your connection.

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Hi, i have setted 384 kbps in connections, i dont have router...but you are right, its an UDP's connection what i saw in my Firewall (Software)

I have a entire life suffering this problem... xD!

and Im a gamer so it affect me alot... my Pc stay Disabled for a few days when I Download a thing, and I just dl up to 2 giga so, are like 3 o 4 nights (i just dl in nights)

the same 3 o 4 days but in the day LAGED, and another three days waiting stop coming connections

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i know what dont is the same thing disabled or closed, but the problem don't is that...

what i mean is what having uninstalled, and installed, its the same problem, lag.

firewall is Outpost.

With the pass of the hours it become more passive, like 2-5 connections (UDP)

For example here I just have ONE... (with the pass of the hours)


It says "N/A" cause i have closed the utorrent, and is Denied the connection for the same reason.. cause im not using torrent...

but this things lag me ever... what can be?

firewall?... I remember what i haven't used firewall i had the same problem.

in that case, what firewall cannot give me that problem?

or its inevitable?

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