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How do I change the priority of µtorrent process?


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It would be handy tho, if it could be set also for when you restart uTorrent.

wellcum: You need higher priority if not when you run some other programs the speeds might drop drastically. (See an example: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=22201)

It also happens to me when I play Counter Strike. If I have normal priority the speeds drop. Setting uTorrent to high (in Task manager) solves the problem.

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You wanna put a game you are playing lower then µtorrent?

I'd suggest lowering CPU intensive settings in your game first. If you steal CPU power from your game to be used for µtorrent I think it would cause lower frame rates, more skips and lag. Besides running a Bittorrent client usually lowers ping rates for online games because of various reasons which causes lag on its own. When I play intensive online games like BF2 and such I usually turn µtorrent off.

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I don't think the game would suffer from lack of CPU power... I have an A64 3200+(@2450) and I guess even if it was only at 80% it would already be more than enough for running CSS. But uTorrent's CPU usage basically never gets to 20%, usually it's around 5%, with some spikes up to ~10%.

I know that running p2p usually causes higher ping and all... but on this computer it actually runs fine, I hardly notice any additional ping. My guess is that the 100Mbit connection helps a lot.

EDIT (update):

So I went and did some tests... With the CS:S Video stress test I got

-uTorrent on "normal": 90.67fps

-uTorrent on "high": 90.66fps

-uTorrent off (not running): 90.43fps

So this pretty much says uTorrent doesn't influence the Video stress test. BTW, when I had uTorrent running it was always ULing, at around 500kB/s. But, as it's been said, on "normal" priority the speed went down when I played CS:S.

Then I tried testing the ping connected on a server and the difference between "normal" and "high" priority of uTorrent was only around 2ms, in favor of the "normal" priority. But I think that's too small of a difference to draw any conclusions... and after all the ping changes constantly all the time, so it's difficult to get a clear measuring.

But I know that on another system, with 1Mbit connection, uTorrent influences the ping drastically, even around 50ms, so it's impossible to have it open and play CS:S. And that's on "normal" priority, btw.

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I think the game always "says" that it needs 100% CPU, even if it could use less. And so there's no CPU for other programs.

I think I got some glitches in the game when the UL speed got higher (~2MB/s), tho I'm not sure yet. But it would be normal, since the whole system becomes a bit slower on high speeds. Especially HDD usage suffers, which might effect paging files and so on.

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