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does utorrent have any hard disk I/O protection?


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hi all,

a new utorrent user here. at first, i have to say it is a really cool software. tiny but with a lot of features.

i just have a small question here. almost all other BT programs claim that they have some hard disk protection feature. basically, they enlarge the I/O buffer so your disk won't r/w too offten. this usually cost more ram. since they use your ram as buffer.... i know that utorrent is so small and use very little system ram. does utorrent provide the same disk portection just like others? or utorrent does it by some other way? or the worst case, utorrent doesn't have such kind of things in it's program..?

not native speaker here, hope u could understand my question. and if i said any thing wrong. bear with me please. :)

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