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thousands of peers, 0 connections

meh inc

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Here's the deal:

Utorrent version 1.6.1 (build 490)

4 torrents running -

Seeds Peers Down Up

Torrent 1: 0(100+) 1(500+) 0.0 0.0

Torrent 2: 0(3) 0(100+) 0.0 0.0

Torrent 3: 0(100+) 0(250+) 0.0 0.0

Torrent 4: 0(2400+) 0(3400+) 0.0 0.0

They all have some % done, and the ratio's vary but avg out to be 1.5

I'm not connected through a router, it's straight from my computer to the wall. I did the speed test and came up with roughly 375 KB/s down/ 12 KB/s up. I set the speed at xx/384k because the upload varies from 0 to 50 on average (and I would like to have at least 3 torrents at a time). There is a # for a port listed, but since I'm not behind a router, maybe I shouldn't have it? Encryption is enabled, dunno if this affects anything or not. UpnP is off, should it be on? I usually never get speeds faster than 3-5 KB/s for download (it usually hovers around .5 to 1.4 KB/s), and upload varies from .01 to around 20 KB/s. Occasionaly torrents work right away and I get (fast) speeds from 20-300 KB/s.

I am a moderately able computer user - I can fiddle with things. I have Peerguardian, but I turn it off completely when running torrents. I have Zonealarm, but the firewall is turned off (no windows firewall either, no firewall at all, actually -_-;;) - it's only set to allow program access and utorrent is cleared across the board. I have Norton Antivirus. Help me, please. It has been like this for about 1/2 a year now. I can't stand these speeds any longer.

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please do a speed check again when you are not running any torrents. 12 Kilobytes upload is not very fast after all, but if this is really your maximum speed so be it.

your settings are in any case totally wrong!

you must not set the CTRL+G value for the download speed, but for the uploadspeed!

in your case that would be more like 96kilobytes and not 384kilobytes like you set it!

P.S. and "from your computer straight to the wall" without any firewall solution at all (not even the simple but working windows built in one) is just suicide!

I will bet with you that your computer isn't your computer anymore since long ago!


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Hmmm, well, I ran the speedtests at different intervals during the day and it averages out to about 60 KB/s down and 8 KB/s up. I think this is reflective of my ISP splicing the bandwith between everyone in my building so I reset the speeds to xx/96k. Only 1 torrent connects at a time now, but I do get 7 seeds and about 25 peers. Speeds vary from 5 to 35 KB/s - a marked improvement, thanks. I am running the Windows firewall in the background, but I've heard it is only so effective. Are there better firewalls that work well with Utorrent?

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