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Rogers ISP

Stupid Newfie

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I have Rogers as my ISP here in St. John's, NL Canada, I thing it is Lite version.

I have read your guides but I must be stupid like my nick says, I can't figure this stuff out. I downloaded and installed V1.6.1

I need help setting this thing up from the very beginning.

I don't know shit about Port Forwarding even after reading the guide, although I am using a DI-624 for my wireless laptop and my daughters, our home PC connects directly to the router. Should I use my home PC for Utorrent? I have a green light on the bottem of my screen and it looks like my port is forwarded when I push the button using CTL-G

As well, how do I find out my Upload and Download speeds, I tried using those speed tests at DSL reports, it looks like mine is realy slow. Where do enter the results in Utorrent? What is my conection type? There are a lot of fields in the preference fields, I have not got a clue what to enter there. Do I set the speeds on the torent files I am trying to download. By the way, I never see speeds higher than 18kbps on the down or up speeds. I don't want to screw up my router for the other PC's using this equipment, basically if I use all my bandwidth my daughters will freak if they can't use MSN.

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