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Same thing has happend for me.

When I try to connect to a torrent, like my friend's DJ Set he uploaded here for mass distribution, it has 201 seeds and 96 peers, right?

It will start to download just fine. But speed then dies down and quits. It never finishes.

I dunno what is the problem. Thinking it could be because of my hub, but I have downloaded other torrents just fine without speed problems.

Soo, why are these few things I'm trying to grab NOT connecting, getting the proper seeds listed on sites, or when they start downloading then they just die and I cant get them to work properly? I get 0's across the board on torrents that should be rather healthy since they are newer with large numbers of peers and seeds.

PS - am using 1.6.1 standalone

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Are you using a router or NAT device?

Have your other internet application been affected as well?

If so, maybe your router cannot handle the number of connections.

You might try reducing your Global maximum number of connections (Preferences > BitTorrent) to 200 or less and your net.max_halfopen (Preferences > Advanced) to 4.

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I got my new switch in the mail, got it all setup and set my global connections down a bit.

Now things seem to be workin just fine and I can seed DJ sets for promoters to download and check out.

Thanks for the help.

PS - one other question though. Although I have set my user connects lower, I still cant get even 2 torrents to run at the same time. If one is going just fine, then I start another, the other will stay @ 0 - 0 - 0 all around then my first one slows down until it just stops.

I have to take off the second torrent and restart uT to get the first one runnin again like normal.

Any ideas why that is??

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