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Support for asian characters


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I think that maybe it's Windows' fault. First I changed the folder name to a name with normal characters. It seemed to work out ok that way. Maybe it would be cool if you'd let people change the file's name when downloading or something. Do you want me to put a screenshot of the problem? Ah, also, uTorrent crashed after trying to close the program after the error occurred.

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I am having a similar problem. Older OSs such as W98SE don't handle Unicode characters. Some torrents have Asian (Unicode) characters in the filename. If uTorrent would simply allow me to change the name of the folder it creates (using data in the .torrent file) and/or of the file it will be saving, the problem would be solved. Heck, even Windoze I.E. can do it.


Geez, this interface!

I just wanted to add a comment to my own last post and got a curt refusal, telling me that 'double posts are not allowed'. Okay. I have no idea what a 'double post' is, but anyway. This is what I wanted to tell you.

I have found out that µtorrent offers a fairly simple solution to the problem I formulated in my post with the subject 'Support for Asian characters' (and probably to the problem of the OP as well). When adding a torrent to the list, one gets presented with a dialog. The very first line in that is a standard Windoze "Save As..." thingy. Just type the name you want the torrent to have and 'voila'. No Windoze support for Asian languages necessary.

Thank you all for being so helpful.

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