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getting red light but i can upload and download!


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yes ive read many faqs and many searches.

still having issues though.ISP is AAPT ,modem dsl302g ,dynamic connection

1. not sure if have a static IP yet. i have reconfig LAN properties but not sure if ive done it right.

default gateway:

ip address (

subnet mask:

2. when i try to add a NAT rule on my router config page (

it says error invalid command. ive followed portforward.com guide

port forward.com tells me my external IP is 59.xxx.xxx.xxx. has this anything to do with it?

sorry , but ive tried this a thousand times.

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i fixed my problem, after about 12 hours ive trying to forward a port i did it.

i was getting errors at the stage where i was adding a NAT rule and would get error. all i had to do was disable my firewall and antivirus software and it it let me add a nat rule so now everything is sweet.

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