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Net adapter problems?


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I recently got a new computer and havn't got uTorrent to work with it. I have tried several torrent clients but the other ones are even worse. I have a Nvidia nForce Networking Controller (integrated in my Abit KN9 motherboard).

When I start the program, a warning pops up:

"uTorrent is not compatible with 'NVIDIA Firewall' (nvappfilter.dll) that appears to be installed on your computer."

The firewall is not active, I use Windows Firewall instead, which I have told to let uTorrent to recieve incoming connections. The warning also tells me to uninstall my net adapter but then how am I supposed to connect to anything at all?

I have a router which I have set up correctly, the speed guide says that the port is open.

Another strange thing is that the statusbar doesn't say anything, there is no icon there at all. The only thing the logger says is "Unable to map UPnP Port." However, it shows this: DHT:214 nodes (Updating) and it downloads something extremely slow (NOT my torrents though).

So what should I do? I never had any problems on the other computer (I had the same router then).

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