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Flags ? Who are the seeds ?


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A few questions for this newbie.

I did a search but found no answers.

1/ What do the letters under flags mean in the Peers page ?

Example; UDS IXHE

what is the difference between d and D or u and U ??

2/ How can I tell who are the seeds in the Peers page ?

3/ What does 0(3) mean in the seeds column in the top panel ?


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Well u can find what the letter mean from here:


And i got a question as well if anyone is listening that is ... i'm sharing with my friends a movie we made at a rock festival using a public torrent, but i can't seem to seed for a few of them. In the Flags column it says u HX and that little u bugs the s*** out of me. Can anyone help? I already set the max upload slots to 120 but no go

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