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Utorrent page display.


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A little niggle but one I can't seem to find a remedy to, any help gratefully recieved.

I use uTorrent to download mainly from Dimeadozen,the thing is when I add a torrent and highlight it , right at the bottom of the page is the information about the torrent and the connection between me and DaD, my gripe is that this info is displayed in a very small letterbox below the Downloaded and Availability graphics and has to be scrolled up and down to try and read it, if I can manage to get it within this thin viewing panel.Can I enlarge this part of the screen so it's more readable and if so, as I'm sure it must be possible, how do I manage it?

I've searched for an answer without any luck so if i'm a cretin and I should know the answer to this, then apologies of course to all.


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