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Hash Fails - IPFilter Doesnt seem to work properly


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saving a notepad file in %AppData%\uTorrent with the following ip: - - - - - - -

I have ipfilter enabled. I disable then enable once i have restarted the torrent. the torrent has only been going for 5 minutes and hashfail has happened again. what am i doing wrong.

Please help

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The name of this file is "ipfilter.dat" and you checked "ipfilter.enable" is set to "true" in Settings > Advanced (acc. to http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#What_is_ipfilter.dat.3F )?

Remove everything behind the "-" for single IP's

f.e. in your case it should be written:

What you did is for IP-ranges (f.e.

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