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upload speed way higher than download


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Hi guys, me again

I have got uploads speeds that are 3 or 4 times the amount of the download speed.

Someone here said that it might have something to do with the UL - DL speed allocated by the ISP?

"Your line may also be a 'rate-adjusted' line that on-the-fly trades upload for download bandwidth and vice-versa. Meaning...if you're uploading fast, you cannot download fast. Or if you're downloading fast you cannot upload fast."

I am not very wise in these things, but would like to know if this is the case, is there a way around it?

These are all the settings I have got, and I have gone thorugh the setup guide as well.

- Colour of the bottom network status GREEN:

- Speed checker says: OK! Port XXXXX is open and accepting connections. You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

- Speed guide settings: Upload limit: 35KB/s

Upload slots: 4

Connections per torrent: 80

Connections global: 230

Max active torrents: 3

Max active downloads: 2

When I did a speed check here is my average speeds: D/L: 459 - U/L: 312

- OS: Windows XP

- Security Software: AVG & McAfee Firewall

- Router: BT Voyager 2091

- ISP: Eclipse (UK)

- Connection type: ADSL

I do have to say that I am at the end of my exchange, and only can get a "basic" broadband speed.

Thats all the info I have got, hope this can help you to help me.

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I know, that I wont be getting any speeds faster than that, because of the distance between my house and the exchange.

But I am talking UL 25 - DL 3 to 4, and if I set the global maximum UL to 30 then i get that as well, but my download

speeds will still only touch 5 maybe 6.

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