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No downloading - red bar


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I am fairly unexperienced. Recently I have problems downloading. When starting a torrent with lots of peers and seeds, there is only a huge red bar at the bottom availability, although I have already sownloaded a few % of that torrent. It happened for the first time a few days ago. I deinstalled the software and reinstalled and for some reason it worked. Now I cant get anything downloaded. In the logger tab it says: Unable to map UPnP port.

What to do??

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Disabled windows firewall

antivirussoftware Antivir is abled

What the heck is ISP?

The "map UPnP" seemed to be an error message, so I thought it may be important to know. Excuse me if I seem to be not so experienced. I am pretty much just a "user" and not so much an expert.

I am grateful anyway for further suggestions.

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