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kaspersky internet security and utorrent issue


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Ok so latly I have been having issues with utorrent and KIS6. After every update on kis, it tells me that the exe has changed for utorrent, and it asks me to allow or deny....and comes up more than once for more than one port..meh. So after this, the icons in utorrent turn to red even though I had clicked accept all those times... So then I try to close utorrent...it closes but remains in the task list and refuses to close at all.

I even updated KIS and it didn't fix it.... I payed out for this software, its not that cheap either. So besides getting another fw (like ewww comodo etc) is there a way to fix this issue, or a fix in he next utorrent version...this is getting quite annoying (also the pc gets stuck on the log off screen due to utorrent not closing....)

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