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New to Torrent: Normal Behavior?


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Hello All,

Being a torrent noob, I am perplexed by what seems odd and disturbing behavior after completing a torrent. I finish downloading, left it to seed for about the same amount of time that it took to dload, which meant I actually uploaded 2 to 1, then stopped it.

1.) I have "peers" from around the world continuing to send UDP packets to the port used for the torrent on that machine, now 3 days later, to the tune of between 25 and 50 packets per minute. (Observed with Wall Watcher.)

2.) Though the torrent was finished, completed, not seeding, while it was still in my uTorrent window with stats, etc..., when I started the uTorrent program, suddenly my pc was spewing packets to these peers until I closed the program or removed it from the torrent list.

One complication: I used TOR for the Tracker only.

Is this normal behavior?


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Ah ha!

I have dloaded other torrents and not had this behavior. I continued to receive around 40 packets per minute from that one torrent event until exactly 30 days after the torrent finished. (Don't know why BBCodes don't work, on preview at least.)

Apparently, a tracker from that torrent finally flushed my IP/port combo according to a maintenance schedule. My Wallwatcher logs were running 10MB a day! And that was without full coverage.

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