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1.6.1 Build 490 crash log - is there a dump .dmp viewer?.


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uTorrent crashed, produced a log file, do you wish to send, replied yes, not sure if it got sent.

How do I open the

490-utorrent.6861.dmp file of 101 KB ????

Tried Wordpad, no joy, it looks as if it's a binary file.

Application doesn't seem to have a "View dump" button?

Would be interested to know why it crashed, how do I find out?

It's the first time in about 3 years use that uTorrent has crashed on me.

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<quote>Upload the dump to webspace and link it.<unquote>

Many thanks - but how?

Did a uTorrent forum search - no info. on how to dump to webspace.

I often run overnight (with high ratios) so it's not good if it crashes in the early hours when all the PC is doing is running uTorrent.

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I would also like to open the dumpfile myself.

Hex editor shows it contains info. about all the active torrents, but most is still garbage.

I suspect I'd have to start inserting individual bits to try and sync and decode the rest.

Why, Oh why, can't developers store dumps in a sub-folder, and add a view dump button?

Or provide a view dump utility.

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<quote>Because the dumps are useless to anyone else.<unquote>

Not necessarily, there have been a few recent reports of uTorrent crashing.

I'm wondering if there is possibly a rogue tracker that is misinterpreting the BT protocol,

or a seed/peer client that is doing the same.

The dump file might indicate whether it was a protocol related crash, or a PC related hardware/software incompatibility.

We aren't all newbies, some of us are quite familiar with C++, Visual C and the like, having started in the early days toggling homebrewed op codes in with hex thumbwheel switches and looking at what was happening on Nixie tube displays, which predated the LED. I remember making point contact transistors with radar diodes, inspired by pictures of Shockley's device.

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And even if you could guess what caused the crash, what do you expect to be able to do about it? Tell the devs? In the end, it's the same thing, and the devs would be better off getting the dump itself -- they can figure out possible causes for the crash from the dump on their own, and can go on to the next step of (possibly) fixing it without needing to wait for back and forth correspondence (unless there's something they can't figure out without more input from you, which would only be a worst-case scenario, and not a normal-case scenario).

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