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Polish Translation


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I would like to translate this program to the polish language, but so far I have a problem concerning 2 alike lines

c&lose to system tray

minimize to system tray

how are they different,and what's more, I'm interested in "&" sign between "c" and "l" in the word "close" is it neccesary there, or is it just a mistake.

I also have a question about "*" signs at the end of some lines. What are they for,and why in the french translation example it is omited.

Please write to me in english or polish whoever want to help.

Thanks in advance

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While translating it into Polish language (I'm in the middle of the template as You can chceck) I came across the word "verbose" what does it mean. Can anyone explain it to me? I also have another problem. Vurlix marked here http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=397 with a red colour that: "EDIT: If you name your textfile utorrent.exe.lang.txt, it should load it next time you start uTorrent, that way you can test your language!" but it doesn't load. Why? What should I do to make it load. I'm already halfway through, so can anybody help me? Also with my previous problem displayed in the previous post with 2 alike lines.

Thanks alberht, but it will be difficult to see where the hotkey may be used if my language file doesn't load (it's really hard to say what other options are listed in the moment when i can use this hotkey) and it doesn't, but still - dzięki. :)

Need more help

And of course any suggestions of translation are welcome

And again Thanks in advance

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as for verbose, you could as well think of it as explaining (or in this case showing) something more indepth not just with a word or two

as for the "*" %s etc.: these are placeholders for variables.(like %s) at the time of execution the program will insert the actual values here, or in case of "*" simply titles of subsections/headers (makes it easier to find them in a long text ;) so make sure they are present in your translation....

as for the utorrent.exe.lang.txt: if you rename your utorrent.exe, (like I do to keep track of the different versions) so make sure, that you rename the language files accordingly

for example I have a "utorrent"...since my last client was named "utorrent"


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