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Rewarding Generosity (Additional Seeding Options)


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These are a couple of requests. They form a little subset together, but aren't depedent on eachother. The first two are just practical, the last I feel rather strongly about.

> More destinct seperate profiles for leeching and seeding.

- Allowing different Upload Bandwith, Connections and Upload Slots defaults for leeching and seeding. (I myself frequently have far more connections during leeching than seeding. While leeching fishing for uploaders with a big net gets best results, in my experience. Though you may just find 10 good uploaders, with 100 connections you're more likely to find them then with just 10.)

> I'd like some feature to force loyalty to peeps who've uploaded a lot. It just rubs me the wrong way whenever, especially after completing a download, I see the peers that upload(ed) huge amounts to me, slip to the bottom of the stack while others that gave/give next to nothing gobble up the bandwidth. Having this option as a checkbox in the leeching and seeding profiles would enable people to force their client to behave in a more social fashion.

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