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Help file doesn't work!


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I wanted to find out more about what the fields in uTorrent are telling me so I followed the rules and downloaded the uTorrent.chm help file, but when I click on anything in the contents page it all I get is "

Navigation to the webpage was canceled

What you can try:

Retype the address


What can I do to find the information I need or fix the help file?




OK, I've answered my own question. It seems that when using Windows Vista (may apply to other O/S as well) if you open the .zip file like a folder and view the help file you can't see the contents. If you actually extract the file and then view it, all is well! Thanks for reading!


P.S. BBSOps, feel free to either a) delete this drivel, or B) use it as an example of what not to do!

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Yah, that's a stupid Windows thing. Windows doesn't allow you to open CHM files downloaded directly via browser links in IE (like http://example.com/asdf.chm). Beyond that, though, I think it doesn't allow you to view CHM files from the temporary folder either (which might be what you're experiencing). All this for the sake of security.

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