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Connection Problem


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First i would like to thank the author about this great program.

My Problem:


I have 2 pcs running vista, The desktop computer have the main adsl connection via a modem (Eicon) and utorrent works on the desktop PC fine the icon is always green, the problem is on my laptop (LAN from the desktop PC) i have always the warning icon, there is no ip address on my laptop "detect ip address automat..." i tried to put a ip address and a gateway address( from the desktop PC) and the dns server and i retried utorrent i still getting the warning icon (no incoming connection etc..)..



I dont use a router its a adsl modem ( the main pc) and a lan cable from my laptop to the PC.

Thank you for any help :)

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Your desktop *IS* acting like a router. You need to configure internet connection sharing on it so the laptop isn't firewalled.

BitComet and BitSpirit work probably because they use a different UPnP type than µTorrent currently does.

Have you tried the latest v1.7 beta to see if it works?

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