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Don't show torrents as active if...


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Would it be possible to implement a feature that allows you to stop torrents that are downloading or uploading at less then 1 kB/s as showing in active torrents. It isn't urgent but it would look a lot less cluttered. There is something similar in Azureus and a drop down box similar to the one shown in the screenshot would be awesome.


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Perhaps an expansion of the BitTorrent window is in order?

Under "use additional upload slots if upload speed is <90%"...

Have "start additional torrents if upload speed is <90%".

If both are checked, use more upload slots gets used first..and if the calculated max limit on upload slots per torrent (which varies depending on upload speed and current torrents started) is reached THEN open another torrent.

To prevent overloads, additional torrents would have to be started 1-at-a-time with maybe 1 minute between adding new torrents or wait till tracker is contacted and peer list is exhausted?

Also if µTorrent isn't detecting incoming connections (and presumes it's firewalled) or worse yet cannot contact any trackers, then stop or slow down trying to connect to new torrents and seed/peer ips after 5-10 minutes of failures. Otherwise, a very large number of unconnectible torrents could be started along with 1000's of hopeless ip connection attempts being made every hour. That might be hard on marginal networking hardware and software.

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