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HTTPS and FireFox, every PC in the same router are affected


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I did search the forum

no one seems to have reported or seem this problem before, as far as the forum message has shown.

Here's the scoop.

When uTorrent 1.6 is running, any Secured HTTPS websites are not accessible when using FireFox

If i turn off (exit) uTorrent, then HTTPS traffic is back to normal fast in blink of an eye.

Now here's the twist, this problem does not seems to affect IE6 nor Opera 9.20

So i want to know why, and how to make FireFox 2.x compatible with uTorrent, since these are my 2 of favourite softwares

Here's another twist

Using uTorrent 1.7 beta (1355) the HTTPS problem is still there, but not as bad, at least now i can refresh a secured page like 10+ times, but at least now i can get in.

uTorrent is not using any HTTPS ports, also even if DMZ is enabled for any particular PC, it still has the same effect

What i still don;t understand is why all the PC in the same network are affected?

Has anyone body else seen this problem before, but never reported it?

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Ah, Rogers ISP in Canada.

You're on a hostile ISP.

That ISP pretty much doesn't allow more than 20 KiloBYTES/sec upload on file-sharing programs...and at times won't allow over 5 KiloBYTES/sec upload on file-sharing programs.

They break connections on purpose to disrupt file-sharing and encrypted transfers.

Your download is likely throttled as well, but hopefully to a slightly higher amount than your upload.

What settings are you trying to use in µTorrent?

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You're on a hostile ISP.

:D LOL i like the sound of it, although not happy to be there, however don't have any other choice of ISP here, since Bell seems to be even worse :(

Ok, jokes aside.....

This message (bug report?) has no relation to the other general question i made over here


but simply an observation i noticed, that all computers behind the same router (Linksys GS series 4port v3 model) are affected when uTorrent is running

and any HTTPS traffic seems to be "blocked" and it only affect FireFox browsers ? if uTorrent 1.6 is running

but if uTorrent 1.7 beta is running, then refreshing a few times it loads up the HTTPS page "ok" with delays.

and again, HTTPS in IE 6 and Opera 9.20 works fine when uTorrent (any version) is running

my uTorrent speed settings are those default to 2Mbits (actual speed is 6Mbits), and dissabled encryption now to hopefully be able to seed?

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You need to re-run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose no higher than xx/768k...though due to throttling, anything higher than xx/128k may cause problems! Speed Guide's settings are based on your UPLOAD bandwidth, which is less than 1 megabit/sec.

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ok, speed thing aside.....

even if that was the case why does it only affect FireFox ? and not IE6 or Opera 9.20?

if it was really a problem with "speed" then all the browsers should not work properly and not just FireFox.

reminder: this only affects Secure HTTP traffic for any PC behind the same router.

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hmm... you are missing the point again.

I'm trying to find out why it only affects FireFox, since IE and Opera works fine, at the very same time when FireFox doesn't work.

How do you explain that?

My guess is that uTorrent and FireFox is sharing something in common?

meanwhile IE and Opera uses their own ways to access HTTPS that are not affected by whatever uTorrent and FireFox is trying to use?

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well i've not given up yet, i'm still trying to figure this out, it is a very interesting scenario, both software wise and networking wise, first time i see such an scenario.

which makes it even more intriguing

When i was using Azeurus or BitTornado i've never seen this kind of problem before.

Also under normal circumstances it should only affect My machine, and not the rest of the PCs in the house.

Yet it only happens when uTorrent is running, with Active connections.

In another word, if uTorrent is running, but there are no Active connections then FireFox works fine with secured HTTPS sites.

I've a hunch it might be related to the Router Linksys BEFSR41 v3

i've already configure uTorrent to use only 199 Global connections.

I can play MMORPG games just fine without Lag or anything, so it is not really a bandwidth issue.

but more like something specific to the BEFSR41 and HTTPS.... hmm.... what could it be.

the BEFSR41 already has the newest Firmware installed

I don't suppose any one know of 3rd party Firmware like they have for the Wireless ones? :P

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Well i just tried that, and it did not help.... however I finally found out what is really going on.

Originally i've always been on the think path of either uTorrent or the Router was at fault, but i didn't expect the problem to be in Firefox, and is not really FireFox fault either.

Before all this started, i've already tried troubleshooting FireFox, but to no avail, since everything i've tried in the past has failed, but all that was before i optimized uTorrent and the Router, as i have today.

So yet again i explored the idea it might be something with FireFox only, since it did not affect IE nor Opera, so i kept going back and forth thinking about the differences between IE vs. Opera vs. Firefox, and Bingo! i finally found out the real problem.

If you are using FireFox and you have installed FasterFox plug-in make sure you DO NOT USE the "Turbo Charged" mode, it comes down the Routers really, at least in my case my Router as mentioned above it seems to be weak and it can't handle all the concurrent traffic at once for HTTPS.

So to resolve the problem configure FasterFox plug-in to use the "Optimized" mode.

The difference between "Optimized" vs "Turbo Charged" mode is:


Max Connections = 40

Max Connections per server = 16

Max Perfistent Connections per Server = 6

Max Perfistent Connections per Proxy = 12


Max Connections = 48

Max Connections per server = 24

Max Perfistent Connections per Server = 8

Max Perfistent Connections per Proxy = 16

Apparently those numbers added up along with the open connection numbers with uTorrent, far exceeds what the Router can handle concurrently.

So if you use another method to Tweak your FireFox connections, make sure to lower your connections settings, if you experience a similar issue with FireFox and uTorrent, not able to access most HTTPS sites.

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