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Is this really worth the head ache


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I have spent my day going thru search and faq trying to set up my utorrent account and getting the software to do what I need. So far I have been run around for hours trying to migrate incomplete files from bittorrent. I was told it was simple "bull" my client will only down load one file at a time I searched every way i could and still nothing. Bittorent sucks but it works. Is this really worth the head ache? I am starting to think it is a big waste of time

any help would be appreciated

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the incomplete torrent files are just groups of #s ie efec0582-dfa9 no extensions .I read that I should add .torrent to them yes it kept me busy for a while and that was it I looke at them from the cmd prompt no help, I renamed . thru all the forum reading I never saw where anyone had the answer. there were allot of suggestions. All the proceures were targeted for bitcomet and some other one. No worries I only wanted to make the move for a few of the options I wanted that bettorent did not offer.

thank you


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1 Open Notepad and write this line into it (replace "bc!" with which ever file extension you need to remove):

@for /r %%i in (*.bc!) do @move "%%~fi" "%%~dpni"

2 In Notepad, File > Save As: RENAME.BAT

3 Open the location folder for the partially downloaded files you need to rename.

4 Drag and drop the RENAME.BAT file into this folder

5 Right click on RENAME.BAT > Open; a DOS window will briefly appear as it scrolls through all the files in the folder as they are getting renamed.

ok maybe I am in the wrong place this is the proceure I found.

If step 1 is skipped the rest seem worthless

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