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I guess this is a BUG.... and i would like to have a repellent ;p


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When closing down the client, and then fireing up again (so actually restarting the client) all SEEDING torrents are unloaded and don't come back online. They simply vanish. Finished, Running, Stopped, and Paused torrents do reappear, but seeding torrents simply don't.

I consider this to be a bug, cause the user should be the only thing that is considered to be allowed to remove seeding torrents from the active torrents list, even after a restart of the client.

Why do i consider this to be a bug ? Well..... i rely havily on seeding torrents to get credit to download stuff i like to have. In the above case restarting the client means that i have to download the .torrent file for each torrent i was seeding, have it run a filecheck again, and finally start seeding again. As i said tyhis only happens (as far as i have noticed that is) with torrents that are in seeding mode. I first thought that it was someway related to moving the .torrent to the 'completed torrents' folder, but that has proven to be not the case. Even when the .torrent file is not moved arounnd, the seeding torrents are unloaded and don't come back when the client is restarted.

Why is this a problem ? Well..... i for one am willing to seed what i have downloaded. I am actually at any given time seeding more torrents then i'm downloading, so having the hassle to check out what i was seeding, downloading the .torrent again, checking the torrent again, and finally starting to seed again is very discouraging if it happens a lot. Today for example i started the client 3 times, so had to restart the seeds as many times as i restarted the client. A real shame.......

As long a windows is not perfect :P anyone would like to restart the client or the pc on a regular basis, so this is a thing to look at.

BTW.... IT STILL IS THE BEST ***** CLIENT AROUND..... despite of the minor frustrations i have at this moment in time.....

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