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Have a strange seeding problem.

When I'm using a public tracker, I'm able to seed consistently and at good speeds.

But whenever I use a private tracker, my upload speeds are maxed out at 3kB/s (should be 20+), then it drops back to 0 within 5 seconds. Then about 10 seconds later, it starts at 3 again, then drops back to 0. It continually does this over and over, and it never goes higher than 3. I've got everything set up correctly (checked the settings a thousand times and matched them up with a number of different private tracker sites), but nothing can fix this problem. Anyone know why it's doing this? I have the green checkmark, my upload/download speeds are set correctly (tried changing them every way and it doesn't make a difference), protocol encryption is set to forced (seems to work a bit better than enabled), and am using a good port. Also, my firewall is set correctly and am not using a router.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



Found a link ...


I've got Rogers Cable in Canada - says it prevents seeding. I'm guessing there is no way around this?

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Private trackers are often oversaturated by seeders, sometimes you have to fight for your live to upload something (and thus keeping acceptable ratio), In other words you don't upload because there is no (enough) peers who want to download from you.

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