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Unable to map UPnP Port


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yap, my port already forwarded.....what u mean? is it refreshing the page??

But still same. when i start the torrent it already port forwarded but it still come out show

Unable to map UPnP Port.

And my window is xp2 and in the internet connention firewall i not tick it but why it still show the problem for error opening windows firewall, my anti virus is avg so it not have firewall.

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yes, it gives the "error" because you already did what µT tried to do and tell you It can't.

That's why Firon said you should ignore the error.

If you are obsessed and you can not stand to ignore it, just untick the 2 options in the settings that try to map upnp and add µT to the firewall exceptions. If µT will not try to do it, it will not tell you if it wasn't successfull ;)

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