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all the share ratio is, is a minor indicator of how much you've participated...

a share ratio of 0.500, means you've shared with someone else, half, of what

you've downloaded... a ratio of 1.000 means you've shared back 100% of what

you downloaded, so at least you can otherwise part the swarm guilt-free if

ratio is what is important there...

Availability is a better indicator if it is ok to leave the swarm... 2 or more seeds, and/or an availability above 2.000... you'll

know the swarm is self-sufficient without you, if you need to leave a swarm.

-- Smoovious

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just use the default of uTorrent which is 1.5 or 150%

also Seeding (sharing) automatically stops when you reach 150%

then you are guilt free, and it will keep you in good status with other people

some torrents specially those using Azeurus and other alike that are Heavily on ShareRatio, it will not let you download if your Share Ratio is lower than 0.5

so keep that in mind.

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