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Shorten larger files option?


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I searched for clip, concatenate and shorten and nothing came up, so I am requesting that a feature Azureus has implemented be put into uTorrent.

Here is an example:

5,000 Mame roms.

1 file is 400k

the updated version of that file is 100k

when the torrent tries to overwrite the distro dump for mame roms it will give an error because the file is longer than expected. Since the file is changed and needs to be updated to match the torrent anyway, I don't know why it doesn't just shorten them as a function of the filesystem, but as it stands, this is the only thing preventing uTorrent from being the "official" client of a community I am a member of.

Long story short: the ability to shorten files that are longer than the torrent expects them to be.


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No, the new files incoming would be shorter, meaning the originals would be longer than the torrent expects. I tried doing this with uTorrent and it just sat at those files and didn't do anything.

I used to go to pleasuredome, but their tone turned me off. As for clrmamepro, why bother having everyone update their collections, when 1 guy can update his collection with the stodgy crap program clrmamepro, and then everyone else can just point their torrent at their roms dir and have it only overwrite the changes. This makes all roms more readily available, instead of splitting it into "core set" and "updates."

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Strange discussion..... i thought it not to be possible to have this occurance because of the info in the .torrent file and the hash checking that should detect that the file has changed and therefore should be marked as bad and be reloaded entirely ?! But then i again i never use 'sparse' files, and this is 1 of the reasons why....

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