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Tracker problems


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I've been using uTorrent for a few years now, and never had any problems with it. Yet my sisters husband went on a moral crusade on my laptop and altered some settings, to effectively cut me off from downloading torrents.

I'm not by any means an expert on things computer, and generally bluff my way through things, whereas he is taking his doctorate in computer science.

Apart from the obvious things that he changed (such as blocking access via the macaffee firewall, that I have reversed) the programme doesn't seem to be able to connect to any trackers. uTorrent keeps telling me that the tracker is offline or timed out, yet the details on various web sites tells me that there are ample seeds and peers online? Any suggestions how I can reverse this? Barring in mind that intense techno-babble will leave me at a loss?

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yeah, that's a bit drastic though, surely? And as it's a shared laptop, not sure when the last restore point is? any other suggestions?

I know there are seeds and peers out there, just for some reason, the programme can't find or connect to them?

--> Edit, I think I had found it...

It appears that he had turned on the 'Data Execution Prevention' (of which I had never heard of before?) - but thanks to the restore suggestion, I found it lurking in the control panel... all seems well... for now..

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