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strange "spikes" in upload and download rates (screenshots included)


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1) i used to have bitlord<god help me!> but having speeds inbetweem 8-19 kbps bothered me so I switched to this client(µTorrent). I was happy at first because my speeds were now 20-27kbps.

2) I would download but i kept noticing i would have "spikes" for about 10 minutes every hour. these spikes woulsd vary from 42-120 kbps but would drop within 10 minutes.

3) the network work is a green check, unless i just started a download

4) i disabled my windows xp home firewall

5) my router is a toshiba pcx2600

my question is: what are the spikes and can keep my computer at that "spike" level permanetly

the link to the screenshots are below, 10 or so of them are of Utorrent spikes and such, 1 is of my internet speed.

note: photoshop wont frelling work, ill post screenshoot link later

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That link gives:

"This album is private. Please login."

...so we can't view that/those picture/s.

Did you also try to disable resolve ips and show country flags? They also create a horde of UDP packets, which is VERY hard on weak networking hardware (routers) and software (firewalls).

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dunno guess il change my photoshop settings if i can

well i have no firewall(windows xp is pointless) and i have a 100 mbs connection shouldn't i be going faster

what settings do i change for disable resolve ips and show country flags, can't find it in prefrences...

edit: wtf now its fluxing beteen 40 and 60 very rapidly... i haven't even used utorrent for anything but uploading lately and have changed no prefrences... wtf, (also my computer is not forwarded, but anytime i try to get all my info from the cmd prompt, it says it already in use)

double edit: photobucket works now

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