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tracker problem


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hey, I've just started using utorrent and all of the torrents I've tried to download show that the tracker will not connect. It says:

Proxy connect error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

I'm not sure what's wrong, but I think it might be in my computer setup, because the tracker has not worked for several torrents. However, the torrents are still downloaded, just at a slower pace..

please help

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I used to have this problem. MAke sure you have port forwarded correctly, set up a static IP address on your router. Finally, the Piesta Resistance is to attain a copy of:

"The Proxomitron - Version Naoko 4.5".


Click on "headers", click "new", then:

HTTP Header= Utorrent[out]

Leave "url match" blank

Header Value Match= *

Replacement Text= 1.6.1

Press "ok"

Scroll to find your new "Header filter", tick the "Out" box and press "Apply" then "ok"

Ensure proximatron's port number reads "8080".

Only the top 4 boxes under "Active Filters" should be ticked. (I think this is by default).

Now run the program each time prior to starting up Utorrent, & all should be well.

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thanks, I've forwarded the port correctly, but, I'm not sure about the rest, a lot of this is still new to me. How do you set up a static IP address on the router? Also, I downloaded "The Proxomitron - Version Naoko 4.5" and tried to follow the instructions, but I have firefox, so it took some guessing since that internet browser isn't mentioned in the installation. I'm not sure what you mean by all of that "click on 'headers'...." could explain this a little more clearly?

Thanks for your help!

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Everything you need to know about setting up Utorrent including "Static IP" for your brand of router is explained.

With the Proxomitron. it shouldnt matter which browser your using when setting the program up. Your not using the product for web surfing, your using it as an inbetween utility, inbetween Utorrent and the web. Im not sure exactly how it works, do a Google search if your after more information. When I say "Click" "Headers I mean:


Then just follow the instructions as per previous post.

Lastly, one thing I forgot to mention before, once you've configured proxomitron, be sure to set up Utorrent so that it can utilize the Proxomitron settings, like this:


Good Luck!

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