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IpFilter block my computer's IP?


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First of all I would like to thank you for this great software. Actually it's my first torrent client I've ever used.

Yesterday, after reading this thread I decided to activate the IpFilter function. Everything is working well I think, but I don't understand why my computer's IP is blocked. Should be the IP of my computer blocked?



ps: I'm on version 1.6.1 (build 490)

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doesn't help us with anything... you need to post the contents of your ipfilter.dat file here so we can see the problem.

edit: wait a min... I looked over the directions from that link you posted...

Did you include the ENTIRE CONTENTS of Bluetack's blocklist in the ipfilter.dat file?!

-- Smoovious

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>mutters to himsef, 'why don't people read the damned faq...'<

Ok... for starters, the idiots over at torrentspy don't know what they're talking about. Plus, bluetack's lists go so overboard, they even include utorrent in their lists to block.


The file format of ipfilter.dat, is not the same as bluetack's... so unless bluetack actually blocks the reserved LAN IP ranges, you're blocking yourself due to the differences in formats.

If you really want to use bluetack's lists, you'll have to convert them to ipfilter.dat's format first.

btw... the current beta version of µT does automatic range-blocking, and the hashfail banning has been changed also, to ban using a ratio of good:bad pieces. You'll still end up downloading some bad data until the thresholds have been hit and the IP has been banned... if you have a few IP's in the same range banned, then the entire range will end up being banned.

-- Smoovious

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Thank you for your fast replies.

Well I have read this before, and after I've found that thread at torrentspy, which was opened last year in december (and its last post dates from may 21st) and I thought that the information provided is good, since there are no complains.

It's not that I really want to use bluetack's lists, I want to use something (it doesn't matter what) to prevent large amounts of wasted data in utorrent.

I read almost daily the thread where you guys are talking about the beta version but I don't really understand if there are still lots of things to fix or not. Should I download it now or better wait till the new version 1.7 is finalized?

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There probably weren't any complaints because nobody is bothering to check to see if the ranges in the list are really being blocked accurately or not. Wouldn't be the first time people have endorsed something without knowing enough about how things are working, to tell it isn't working properly...

With over 100,000 entries, how can they possibly test?

Last month I did something as simple as have some whitespace between parts of my list, and that whitespace prevented the entries afterwards from working... just a simple blank line.

Let's compare the file formats a little bit...

One person pasted a few lines in the torrentspy thread, of bluetack's list. I'll use that example here:

http://forums.torrentspy.com/showpost.php?p=369136&postcount=18>,] - , 000 , Bogon, i - , 000 , s0-0.cis - , 000 , p1-0.cis - , 000 , Internat - , 000 , Cisco Sy - , 000 , Drug Enf - , 000 , US Dept - , 000 , ITS Cale

And how ipfilter.dat would look (fake entries, since I deleted mine a few weeks ago for testing): poisoners/flooders/hammerers poisoners poisoners poisoners malware

The latter is the format that I've found works best for me. I've tried padding the IP's with leading 0's to even them out before, but with mixed results.

If the bluetack lists didn't have the additional spacing and zero-padding in them, then it should work just fine, as everything after the actual IP's would just be ignored as a comment. Then, there is the sheer number of them on top of it. ipfilter.dat was never designed or intended to have so many entries in it. I can't say for certain one way or the other if that many will work properly, even if they are in the proper syntax.

Anyways, I'll let it end here. I'd suggest that as you find poisoner groups, you add them to ipfilter.dat manually.

BTW... try using the current beta. Aside from the improved hashfail banning, it will {now|soon} immediately kill currently connected peers that are found in the updated ipfilter.dat file when it is reloaded, instead of only blocking them on connect.

Good luck.

-- Smoovious

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