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halfopen connections monitoring


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Is there a way to see how many halfopen connections my system (WXPSP2) has? I patched max_halfopen to about 25, but left utorrent's max_halfopen settings to 8. System runs fine until utorrent is up, and then I get a lot of errors in my syslog about reaching the limit.

I suspect utorrent isn't keeping true to it's 8 halfopen limit, because I don't have any other p2p application open, and nothing else is making more than 1 or 2 occasional connections.

I was wondering if there was a program that could monitor the current half open connections either in real time or close to it, so I could check to see if utorrent was using more halfopen connections than what I told it to.



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I just checked it out. TCPIP.SYS is still patched to 20, but I increased it to 25 for good measure. uTorrent is set to use only 8, but it still reaches the limit often. I upgraded to the 1.7Beta, and syslog is no longer reporting the 4226, however the same symptoms are still occurring.

Anybody have any good troubleshooting tips?

Here's the setup.

Windows XP SP2 (All latest upgrades)

WRT54G Router (Latest Thibor Firmware)

Three other computers use the same Router;

2x Windows 2003 and

1x FreeBSD6.2

All three machines run Torrent (the windows versions running uTorrent 1.6.1)

with no speed issues, and no noticable freezing or locking of my router.

Only the windows XP machine seems to have net connectivity issues, and it's only when uTorrent is running.

Any ideas? I thought it might have been uTorrent not properly managing it's halfopen connections, but after moving to 1.7b and verifying my tcpip.sys patch, and finding the error no longer appearing in my logs, I'm stumped.

My only other idea is that it has something to do with the NIC specifically, It's.. ah, "NVIDIA nForce Networking Contoller", which is the standard for the 'nForce 570 Ultra' Chipset. I've had various networking applications produce unexpected results with chipsets sometimes, so that's the only thing left I can think of.

And if you're wondering: It's an AMD 64 X2 box. I've got the AMD Drivers on it, which fixed some connectivity issues it caused, but these issues are much, much slower to manifest... I really do suspect it's something ON the computer that is causing the issues, since with 3 other computers in the net being actively used working fine, it really can't be the router.

Edit: Just ruling out some more things. The WXP firewall service is not only stopped, it is entirely disabled on the system. I don't have any other firewall or AV service running on the machine.


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