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Having Problems DOWNLOADING.


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I had utorrent for about six months now, and some times it works and some times it doesn't. All my ports are ok and I get over 200 DHT. But still my download is 0. Even the upload speed is 0. Then in two weeks suddenly it works fine (on full speed) but the next day back to normal where nothing works.

When this happens my seeds and peers remain 0 as well. Even though the torrent has over a thousand seed and peers.

On my tracking Status: no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused.

On my DHT Status: not allowed.

I have no firewall connected to my utorrent.

DSL-G604T (with latest firmware B07)

windows xp (s2)

Tread Micro PC-Cillin -internet security

Also I am a newbie so some things you might need to explain in detail.

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