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"Test if port is forwarded properly"


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Hello All,

Tried to make my system connectible, but when clicked on the button "Test if port is forwarded properly" in uTorrent 1.6.1, nothing happens. I have uninstall uTorrent, and reinstalled it, yet can't perform this test.

Just for info: I have set up my static IP and followed all that were shown in the portforwarding tutorial.

Just need now the ability to perform this test.

Please help.



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Thanks for the lead. Searched and found the following: "Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Set Program Access and Defaults > Custom > Choose a default Web browser:

Select your browser, and check the "Enable access to this program" checkbox."

Since I am using FireFox, the option "Use my current Web browser" has already been selected. Yet it's not working.

Then I tried to select IE, that works; but, now, even with a previously working/connected port number, I am still not connected. I've tried 4 other port numbers (all outside of the restricted ports), and yet still can't get connected.

Whatelse can I do at this point?

Please help.



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This was happening to me as well and i use firefox too.Mine also said "Use my current web browser" and wasn't working.

I changed it to Firefox and it worked great.So make sure you change it to firefox for you default web browser and it should work again.Hope that helps.

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