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Netgear wireless router problem


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I finally did a port forward and static ip, and dl speed increased dramatically. the yellow icon in utorrent changed to green. Then 10 minutes later, I lost my internet connection. I tried to reconnect but it didnt help. I restarted my comp, and it didnt help. I restarted the netgear box (by unplugging it) and that worked.

So now I was back to my previous setup without a port forwarded. I tried again, and internet went down again. I tried unplugging netgear, and setting my comp back to dynamic ip, but it didnt work this time.

Now none of the computers in my house have an internet connection!!! How can I set the netgear router back to its defaults without using a browser???

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You mean before I set up the port forward? No.

I would try that now, but I cant because I cannot connect. My browser doesnt show any webpages, not even the netgear setup page. (when i enter my ip into the browser).

Edit: Thanks for that link, when I get home Ill read it.



Ariss 54wbme38l012696


Netgear wr7214cfb073235

Two computers (one XP, one vista) connected to the router wirelessly, one hooked up to the router through an ethernet cable(vista).

I did a port forward on my laptop(connected wirelessly, Vista), utorrent worked great for 10 minutes, then internet went down on all 3 computers. Reset modem and router, tried ipconfig /renew, didnt work. On the desktop connected directly to the router, IE said that I was connected to Netgear, and asked if i wanted to go through a setup. I clicked yes, and IE said that the page cant be displayed. At the same time, IE on my laptop went straight to cannot display webpage.

I can connect either computer directly to the modem, and it works after rebooting the modem. But Netgear doesnt let me access anything now.

I dont understand!!!

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