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VPN with uTorrent.........


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Free accounts have a 256kbit bandwidth limit.

Pay accounts have a 5 mbit bandwidth limit.

That means the free account allows you to transfer at about 25kb/s if you split that evenly over up- and download that means 12kb/s download and 12kb/s upload.

The paid version is a lot better 500kb/s and costs about 10 dollars per month / 75 dollars per year. And I think some people here used it with success (in circumventing ISP blocking) but I strongly advise you to search these forums for more info and go for a trail at first.

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Thanks for the suggestions..........Will have a look.........This TmNet bandwidth throttling is killing me.........

Currently, my d/l speed is only around 10kbps........... :(

This VPN service, is it reliable and stable to use or not ???

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