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Slower after Reformat


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So I reformated after I couldnt get some Adobe CS3 Programs to install correctly.

Before the reformat, I had speeds all the way from 100kbps to 800kbps.

It is now after my reformat, and I am down to 1kbps to 4kbps.

Heres the required info:

# Color of Network Status Light: There aren't any colors down there...

# Port Checker writes: OK! Port [#] is open and accepting connections.

# Speed guide Settings:

-- Upload Limit: 1kbps (Same as before reformat)

-- Upload Slots: 1 (Same as before reformat)

-- Connections Per Torrent: 75 (Was 250 Before reformat)

-- Connections Global: 250 (Same as before reformat)

-- Max Active Torrents: 2 (I always Force Start all torrents)

-- Max Active Downloads: 1 (I always Force Start all torrents)

# OS Installed: Windows Vista (32-Bit)

# Security Software: Norton 360 (uTorrent allowed all permissions)

-- And Windows Firewall is turned off, as always.

# Router Model: WRT55AG

-- All of the below settings were the same before reformat --

-- I found FTP Port 21 and Http port 80 to be fastest, So I used those before reformat (now theyre just as slow as every other port)

-- I have DMZ Enabled

-- I have the current port forwarded

-- I have the port that my Ethernet is coming in on set to unlimited bandwith

-- I have QoS Set to Highest on this port

# Modem Model: Motorolla SBV4200

# ISP: Road Runner, Cable Connection

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µTorrent is programmed to prevent some of the detrimental effects of leeching on torrent swarms. Namely by hard-limiting download speeds to 6x the upload speeds...when upload speeds are set very low.

Your connection probably only has somewhere between xx/256k and xx/1mbit upload bandwidth, so use the one closest to yours in µTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

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