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Slow Uploading speed


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Hi, I recently purchased a seedbox to up my ratio on a few sites which I frequent.

My seedbox is with a 100Mbit connection. However my upload speeds are usually below 200 kb/s in total.

1. Box is running Fedora Linux with uTorrent 1.6.1 under Wine emulation

2. Have heard from others with same hosting company with excess of 2Mb upload speed

3. uTorrent is configured with the Speed wizard and port is forwarded correctly.

4. I tried changing the encryption setting back and forth with no change in speed

Does anybody have any idea what settings I should try tinkering with?

edit : I will add that my DOWNLOAD speed is very fine. However I first and foremost got this box to up my ratio so my upload speed is more important to me

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Thanks. I tried to read it but I already tried all of the things suggested there. I tried to download Ubuntu ISO from the official site to test speed. It downloaded very fast but my upload speed maxes out at 30-40kB/s even though it shows as I have 9 peers (of 64).

However, I asked in another forum and some other user happened to know my hosting company and he linked me to a note which said that they had upload problems lately but it should be resolved by now. Perhaps it is not. I will try to talk with my hosting-company now.

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