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Uploading is intermittent (mostly 0kb/s)


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I have a D-link Di-524 router...i use the firewall on the router...i have a dynamic WAN IP and a static IP on the listening PC.


Virtual Server

Virtual Server is used to allow Internet users access to LAN services.

i have the port open...assigned in utorrent....forwarded to the static LAN ip computer

Protocol is both...


Name "blah"

Private IP "listening computer with a static ip (DHCP)

Protocol Type Both

Private Port same as public port (assigned in utorrent)

Public Port same as private port

Schedule Always

Special Application

Special Application is used to run applications that require multiple connections.


Name blah

Trigger Port - same as assigned in utorrent

Trigger Type - Both

Public Port - same as assigned in utorrent

Public Type - Both

Firewall Rules

Firewall Rules can be used to allow or deny traffic from passing through the DI-524.


Name blah

Action Allow

Interface IP Range Start IP Range End Protocol Port Range

Source WAN *

Destination LAN listening PC * SAME AS ASSIGNED

Schedule Always

I seem to download ok....but i cannot connect to any peers....sometimes it starts to upload good...

As far as seeding goes.....i will start out ok

But after about 20 mins or so....0kb/s

I hope i posted this in the correct place...

Please help....

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D-Link routers have a VERY hard time handling DHT and Resolve IP traffic generated by µTorrent. You probably need to disable both AND don't forward UDP packets from your router.

(Only forward TCP packets to µTorrent's listening incoming port.)

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Ok...thanks for the info. I just did a review on Linksys WRT54GL seems like everyone loved it with the exception of performace speed. I have the Di-524 and i must say that the speed is good. I would like to have the speed and security tools as the Di 524 and the port and networking ability as the WRT54GL.

What router would that be?

BTW thanks for your time.

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My connection's been stronger than ever after having bought the WRT54GL recently. I'm not sure who found performance to be lacking, but as has already been suggested, WRT54GL along with a third-party firmware like Thibor's HyperWRT or Tomato firmware works like a dream.

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